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Medication testing

Advantages for both doctor and patient:

  • Medication testing enables us to furnish evidence regarding efficacy of medications for immune-based therapies.

  • The optimally effective medication for each patient can be determined within 3 days.

  • The patient is treated with the optimal medication right from the beginning of his/her therapy thus gaining valuable treatment time.

  • The medication test offers the doctor and the patient the security of optimized and controlled immune therapy.

  • Mismedication is excluded.



Examination material: 10 ml heparinized whole blood
Blood sample taking: Monday through Thursday
Shipment:  special delivery, within 24 hours
Costs (analogous to the GOÄ: Official Tariffs for Doctors and Dentists):


.. Examination of basic immune activity:

.. per medication to be tested:


€ 241,59

plus € 39,69


This test should not be conducted during chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or hyperthermic therapy.



We suggest the following procedure:



Blood sample taking
10 ml heparinized whole blood

    24 h
by special delivery


Medication test



optimized immune therapy

    after 3-6


10 ml heparinized whole blood



The test for immune activity was developed on the basis of new scientific findings.


Our process for testing medications is patent-protected.


The extremely successful collaboration between doctors and scientists in our company is even being supported by the state of Land Baden-Württemberg through the Steinbeis Foundation as a technology-oriented innovative project.


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We guarantee:
  • Quick and reliable analyses
  • Determination of the most effective immune medication

  • Detailed information on test results

  • Re-determination of the most effective immune medication after undergoing immune therapy for six months