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The institute is established.
Dr. Lauk & Dr. Breitling GmbH is established as an innovative technology-oriented company and, as such, receives a grant from the Steinbeiß Foundation of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Since 1993   

For the first time, a scientific method (and thus acceptable for the allopathic medical community) of testing medications in the adjunct tumor therapy sector is offered directly from the university research facilities as a service for doctors and patients. » more Information


Application for a patent in the immunology sector – European patent is granted in 1999


The regional government in Tübingen grants a permit for a commercially operated S1 laboratory for genetic engineering.

Since 1996  

Parentage testing for both private use and use in court.
The experts at Dr. Lauk & Dr. Breitling GmbH were the first in Germany to offer DNA parentage tests based on the PCR method.  » more Information



Dr. Christiane Lauk is listed as an expert witness for parentage testing with the Ministry of Justice of Baden-Württemberg. » more Information



Application for a patent in the food technology sector. » more Information



Consulting for and financing of a 4-year research project in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart in the sector of molecular parentage analysis and genetic engineering.

Since 1998  


Dr. Lauk & Dr. Breitling GmbH offer molecular proof of origin and identity determination for animals. » more Information

Since 1999 


Bio-molecular analyses for the genetic database are performed for numerous State Offices of Criminal Investigation. » more Information



The regional government in Karlsruhe grants a permit for work with pathogens relating to epidemic diseases in livestock and other disease-causing pathogens.



The regional government in Karlsruhe appoints Dr. C. Lauk and Dr. J. Schaaf as sworn expert witnesses for parentage testing and determination of identity for breeding animals. » more Information



The Deutscher Akkreditierungsrat (German Accreditation Council) accredits the institute in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17025 and 9001 standards for parentage testing and forensics. » more Information