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Tumor therapy

 Indications for immune therapy


Patients with

  • illnesses involving tumors,
  • recurring infections,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • viral illnesses,
  • older individuals.


An excerpt from the cancer registry in Germany clearly shows that new cases of cancer are age-dependent.



New cases according to age from 1989 to 1998




The average age of cancer onset is 65 for men and 67 for women.

Immune therapy should be the basis for supportive measures for these patients’ immune systems.




The core problem:


Every individual is unique and reacts differently to medication and immune system stimulation.


 Mistletoe extract 


 Peptide-based drugs






                     suppression                     stimulation                  no effect




Average effectiveness of two medications.
The effect of mistletoe extract and peptide-based drugs on NK-activity was examined with a group of over 100 patients. In about 50% to 70% of the patients no effect could be proven and some even showed a suppressive effect on their immune activity. The two medications stimulated natural killer cell activity in only 32% and 51% of the patients.


This statistic indicates that, on the average, every second patient is mismedicated.



 The solution: medication testing


By testing a large number of commercially available medications, the most effective medication for the individual patient can be determined. This makes custom-tailored immune therapy possible.


Two test patients:




Patient A should only be treated with medication 3. For patient B, only medication 2 works, while medication 3 would be harmful for him.


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Individual immune therapy for illnesses involving tumors


Problem: Every individual is unique and reacts differently to medication.
Solution: Our medication testing procedure.