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Identity and parentage verification fpr animals

The reports are all prepared by publicly appointed and sworn experts for the verification of parentage and identity of breeding animals and slaughter stock.


 The advantages:

We offer breeders molecular genetic analyses, which enable them to determine the identity and parentage of valuable breeding animals with absolute reliability.


As opposed to other marking techniques such as microchips or tattooed numbers, DNA analysis cannot be manipulated.


An individual and counterfeit-proof DNA profile of each animal is prepared, which enables DNA identification from sperm, tissue, and hair even after the animal’s death.


The breeder receives unquestionable evidence of the animal’s genetic identity and parentage in the form of a certificate from a publicly appointed and sworn expert.


The test can be easily administered through saliva (mouth swab). At the time of your order, we make a swab set with instructions available free of charge. Thus, there are no costs for the taking of a blood sample by a veterinarian.



 Molecular genetic testing can be done for the following animals:

  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Dogs
  • Monkeys
  • Other species upon request
  •  Llama/alpacas

The Dr. Lauk & Dr. Breitling institute has been determined as a reference laboratory for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


  • Camels

a) Camel-Kit
b) Identity and parentage verification

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Clear, reliable determination of the identity and parentage of valuable animals