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Fatherhood - a central factor in your life

Since 1996, the Dr. Lauk & Dr. Breitling Institute has been doing DNA testing for proof of parentage for higher regional courts and municipal courts, as well as for private individuals, both in Germany and abroad.


Dr. Christiane Lauk has been listed as an expert witness for parentage testing with the Ministry of Justice of Baden-Württemberg since 1997. (Official Gazette, Volume 46, Aug. 1997, No. 8).



 The dependable DNA parentage test by recognized experts.

  • Conclusive paternity exclusions as well as paternity determinations, which have a probability of more than 99.999 %.

  • Quick and smooth handling.

  • A substantial and comprehensible biostatistic analysis.

  • Results that are beyond a reasonable doubt for deficiency parentage cases, cases of incest.

  • Detailed and easily understandable reports containing an explanatory description of the inheritance of genetic markers from both mother and father.

  • All the steps in the process are safeguarded by control mechanisms.

  • Quality and dependability of the analyses are confirmed at least five times per year through participation in national and international round-robin experiments.


You can rely on our competence and experience

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