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DNA Analyses for camels

  • Positive identity verification
  • Conclusive parentage reports
  • No incorrect entries in breeding books
  • Classification of populations
  • Low cost




Advantages of a DNA test


  • PCR technology is far superior to traditional blood tests or other methods.
  • The molecular genetic test has a greater informative value with regard to the identity of camels than other technologies.
  • As opposed to other marking techniques such as microchips or tattooed numbers, DNA analysis cannot be manipulated.
  • The PCR test can be made with blood, saliva, sperm, or hair.
  • Each camel gets an individual and unique DNA profile. This DNA profile can be checked using any cell of the body. The camel can also be conclusively identified after its death.
  • The probability of genetic identity of two individuals drawn at random is less than 10-10.
  • Overall exclusion probability is greater than 99.9%.
  • With these DNA analyses, the breeder can determine parentage conclusively in the embryonic phase and also after embryo transfer.



Two ways to get positive proof: 
a)  The conclusive report with certificate prepared by our publicly appointed and sworn experts.

-  We send the breeder free of charge the necessary material to take a sample and package and return it.


b)  Camel kit
-  The camel kit enables quick, safe, and positive typing in your own laboratory. Highly polymorphic microsatellite loci are examined and tested with regard to the presence of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.


Based on the present allel frequencies, the probabilities for each genetic marker can be conclusively calculated. Detailed instructions are sent with the kit free of charge.»

You can order this camel kit online »

Conclusive identity and parentage verification prepared by publicly appointed and sworn experts